Terms and Conditions


You need to become a H.O.G. international member before you can join our chapter and that can be done by clicking here


Once you are an internationl member, you can then join our Chapter. Please go to the Join or Renew page and follow the prompts



We are all here to have fun and enjoy the company of others with the same interests and the action/s of some can reflect badly not only for our Chapter, but also for H.O.G. international. So, any poor behaviour or riding that may endanger that of our members or the general public will not be tolerated. Any person/s caught displaying actions that may reflect negitivley on our Chapter, may face immediate termination of their membership. It is also important to remember that we have people from all walks of life including Law Enforcement in various Chapters of H.O.G. international who may make themselves known if the action/s of a member/s is deemed to be not safe and they feel intervention is warranted.



It is a strict condition that you totally enjoy yourself and be a part of a fantastic organisation that have the same passion you do. You will make new friends, enjoy day trips and weekends away as well as being a part of the Rallies that are held from time to time. You'll also be able to catch up with some members of the Chapter at the Dealership as we like to grab a coffee there on some Saturdays.